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one Hybrid & Traditional Long-Term Care Insurance Exchanges for Employers and Associations

The advantage of working with us is that we are independent and have access to all of the major insurance companies products. Because not all products are created equal we may be able to save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

RetirementGuard is a leader in the development of Hybrid and Traditional long-term care insurance exchanges in employee benefit environments and in Association member benefit environments.

Currently there is no single “best” insurance company for everyone- your demographic is diverse. Some insurance company options have a sweet spot for couples applying together- another company is best for women applying alone (Most companies’ recently increased premiums 30% for females- in recognition that they account for 70% of claims). And the “group” carriers no longer issue coverage on a guaranteed basis- yet their high premium rates reflect old adverse selection assumptions

Solution - After careful vetting our exchange offers insurance company choice that will be attractive to almost everyone. It offers a choice with the most “user friendly” contractual language. Another has the lowest premiums for couples applying together- and yet another provides the most attractive option for women applying alone.

RetirementGuard’s exchange combines sophisticated web based technology in tandem with concierge level hand holding. This can be complicated- and our senior advisors assure that employees and association members will make informed decisions based upon criteria which is most important to them.

RetirementGuard specializes in physical and cognitive based loss insurance programs- and because of our specialization we can provide a level of expertise and service which will be impossible to find elsewhere.

two Excess Risk: Disability Benefit Plans for Highly Compensated Individuals

Lloyds of London - lump sum, cash payment supplemental disability benefit plans—provided on a guarantee issue basis with no off-sets.

EnrollWorkssm is a specialized entity within RetirementGuard that provides sales, enrollment, and communication support services for brokers and consultants. We are proficient at cutting through messaging clutter, and use state of the art e-enrollment web based systems to drive participation. In addition we are very "hands on" interacting with eligible group members, most often with one-on-one phone meetings, utilizing screen-share technology.

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— a place where things are exchanged, especially a center where financial instruments are bought and sold.

Primarily because of the historically low interest rate environment, the long-term care insurance industry has been in transition. The fact is no single insurance company can be "best" for everyone- and this is particularly true today. To serve the needs of a diverse employee demographic you might consider our exchange format. We typically make four insurance company choices available- one or two might even provide liberalized underwriting. Depending on the age, gender, and health of the employee or family member we can guide them, objectively, to the insurance company choice which will best meet their needs.



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EnrollWorks sm

EnrollWorks provides a suite of best practices and systems that enhance appreciation of, and participation in, voluntary, high-limit, disability benefit programs.


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