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Cornell switches to new long-term care insurance broker
February 24, 2016

Effective Feb. 1, Cornell contracted with RetirementGuard, a long-term care (LTC) insurance broker, for faculty and staff members who want to enroll in such a policy. “We believe this arrangement provides the best value and service to our employees,” said Paul Bursic, senior director of Benefit Services. “With the exception of current LTC participants, most insurance companies have moved out of offering LTC as a group policy. For years, RetirementGuard has been successfully serving the faculty and staff of Yale and Brown universities with its individual LTC policy.” campuses are quite to full article

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Unique long-term care insurance exchange program
February 12, 2013

RetirementGuard announces a unique long-term care insurance benefit exchange for employees of Massachusetts colleges and health care institutions. The plan has been designed to take advantage (inexpensively) of the new MassHealth estate recovery changes that provides a significant "upside" to residents who obtain new long-term care insurance polices issued after 1/1/2013.

For more details call Craig Davis (RetirementGuard) at 860.435.6622.

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EnrollWorks sm
April, 24, 2013

RetirementGuard announces the formation of EnrollWorks(sm) to assist brokers and consultants with sales, enrollment, and communication support of Lloyd's high limit guarantee issue disability programs. EnrollWorks (sm) provides a la carte or full turnkey support-and will be focusing on physician groups, law firms, hedge funds, mutual fund companies and investment banks. RetirementGuard's partner in this venture is a NYSE wealth management firm.

For more details call Craig Davis (RetirementGuard) at 860.435.6622

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